Privacy & Policy

Privacy & Policy

We, at DWR Technology Pvt. Ltd offer top quality SEO services. We are one of the best SEO and web design and development companies rendering services to customer based in India and all over the world. We highly respect the privacy of each and every person.

We comply with the different search engine guidelines for consumers across the world. We realize that data or information can be sensitive. Hence in this privacy statement, we have shown our commitment towards protecting privacy of the users who utilize our website.

We generally gather information related to browser type, language preferences, web browsers and the time and date of every visitor. We gather IP addresses for the users logged in. The information that we gather mainly depends on the type of interaction. We will never access data for any other usage, except to assist us know how our service is put into use to assist in improving our continued service for our patrons.

While gathering the data, we ask the visitor who sign up at DWR Technology Pvt. Ltd. to provide a username and email address. Those who are engaged in transactions with DWR Technology Pvt. Ltd. are asked to provide extra which includes personal and financial information required to process those transactions.

DWR Technology Pvt. Ltd. never discloses any type of personal data. We encourage visitors to go through our privacy statement from time to time for any charges. To ensure safe browsing sessions, we utilize state of the art technology to prevent fiddling, message counterfeit and also ear wigging.

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